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To increase buyer readership and ease of search, the purchasing guide has 3 main categories


  1. Product purchasing category search
  2. Professional articles and market news
  3. Product display advertisements


Publication item and method


First exposure will be made annually at the TPCA Show to provide visitors with a free index for PCB exhibitions globally.

The publication is free (all year) and they will be sent to:


  1. Purchasers at PCB suppliers in Taiwan and China.
  2. Local and foreign PCB industry associations.
  3. Global sales expansion teams.



Overview of Main Exhibitions


(The global exhibitions you can find PCB Shop)

Exhibition Date
IPC Expo & Apex Feb.
CPCA Show Mar.
KPCA Show Apr.
CircuiTex May.
JPCA Show Jun.
IPCA Expo Jul.
Touch Taiwan Aug.
CS Show Shenzhen Aug.
TPCA Show Oct.
C-TOUCH Shenzhen Nov.
HKPCA Show Dec.


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